Creating a ‘starting point’.


Creating a ‘starting point’.
In Japan, we put an ‘indent’ in the beginning whenever we start a sentence, or start a different topic. We, indent, inc., aim to create an ‘indent’ for anyone who is intending to ‘start,’ through service developments and publishing businesses.

PRODUCTOur Products

We develop products that support production of creative works, such as novel, manga, script, game scenario, and etc.


A Writing Tool that Supports Writers to Construct and Create Stories.

Nola is a writing tool that could be used via both PC and smartphones. Main functions are: writing and editing a story, centrally managing the materials involved, creating a plot systematically.
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A Place Where Passionate Authors and Editors Meet, Supported by Fan’s Likes and Comments.

Nola Novel is a platform where you can write, read, and support novels. You can post your work written in Nola directly to Nola Novel, while enjoying reading works posted by others.


Creating a Chance for Your Work to be Published Online, and hence Reaching the Readers throughout Japan.

Nola Publishing is a digital publishing service that makes it easy for anyone to publish and sell e-books. Nola Publishing makes e-publishing by individuals more accessible to provides a system whereby you can earn money by "writing".


Only 5 minutes per book. ‘Starting point’ of your reading life.

Prologue is a writing platform specialized in short stories with a word limit of 2,000 JP characters(equivalent to approximately 1000 ENG words). Prologue provides a place where you can easily enjoy reading, as well as a where writers can connect casually with readers.

STUDIOStudio Business

We, indent,inc., are an agent that connects writers with companies, as well as a production studio with in-house editorial department that are capable of editing and producing manga/webtoons/novels. Leveraging our connections with writers through our writing tool "Nola" and writing platform "Nola Novel," which have been used by more than 430,000 writers, we efficiently and effectively facilitate creation. If you are considering starting or expanding your business using a story in any format, please contact us.

Production Support of Original Works

We support the production of works in line with the type of works required by our client respectively, from the initial planning phase. We will interview your needs thoroughly and find an existing readership and sales trends that matches your needs, and propose a plan for the original work from scratch.

Operation Support of Competitions

We support the arrangement of competitions through designing and developing the landing page, carrying out the actual operation, publicizing the competition among creative writers, and etc. We will interview your needs thoroughly to identify the kind of work you are seeking, and propose a contest design that matches your needs.

Production Support of Manga, Novels and Webtoons

Our in-house editorial department offers commissioned production of manga, novels, and webtoons in accordance with your requirements. We will propose the best plan to meet your needs, whether we work with you from the talent-spotting of the work to be adapted, or only conduct the actual production of manga/webtoons. We could flexibly design the collaboration according to your needs, so please contact us if you have any requests or questions.

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